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Notes Agent - The Intelligent Desktop Notes

desktop notes featuresNotes Agent is built-in with a wide variety of desktop desktop notes:
  • Standard desktop notes
  • Desktop Reminder notes
  • Photocopy notes
  • News notes
  • ASX notes
  • Browser notes

Standard Text-based Desktop Note

  • Advanced text formatting
  • Colors and transparency settings
  • Notes settings auto-save
  • Show and hide notes
  • Easy access from system tray and shortcut keys
  • Configurable stay-on-top feature
  • Auto startup
text-based desktop notes
reminder desktop notes

Desktop Reminder Note

Intelligent Reminder note built-in with a full feature calendar-based event (appointment) management functions.

Configurable option to automatic import event from Internet websites.

Sophisticated reminder options for standard and recurring events.

Photocopy Note

The Photocopy Note allows users to capture screen images onto the desktop note.

The multi-purpose desktop note can be used for screenshot creation, photo framing, and image copying (hence the name, photocopy note).

photocopy desktop notes
news desktop notes

News Note

The News Note provides users with regular updates of news from well known news websites.

Users can also choose to track certain news topics. A separate desktop notes is automatically created by the system to track news which contains the relevant keywords.

Australian Stock Exchange Note

The Australia Share eXchange (ASX) note provides user with share market information including the important market indexes and historical market index values.

User can also track the various prices (i.e. current, high, low and open) for specific shares.

share desktop notes
browser desktop notes

Browser Note

The Browser Note is design to track fast changing Internet websites' content.

The note can be configured to auto-refresh at a regular interval.