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Desktop Notes Agent - Desktop Reminder Notes (Removed)

desktop reminder note with intelligenceDesktop Notes Agent's - Desktop Reminder Note allows user to manage events via a Desktop Post Note on the computer desktop.

Desktop Reminder Calendar

Create new, edit and delete reminders for once-off and recurring events.

The exact time for the desktop reminder to occur is configurable (e.g. days, weeks or months before the event).

Supports searching of previously entered events based on dates and keywords.

desktop reminder note is built-in with a calendar to help users manage events
desktop reminder automatically import events from the web

Desktop Reminder - Event Import from the Web

Import events from RDF (Resource Description Framework) enabled websites. The automated import process is enabled by simply typing in the relevant website address in the Settings Dialog.

Reminder Option for Event Import

When a new web event is detected, users are presented with the options to

  • Preview the event details,
  • Add a reminder for the event in the calendar, and
  • Set the reminder options for the reminder
desktop reminder note provides different reminder options