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Notes Agent - Desktop Post News Notes

 Access Desktop Post It NotesDesktop Notes Agent's News Note presents the latest news update to the user in a Desktop Post Note. It also helps user track news that are of specific interest to the user.

Regular News Update from Famous Source

The following can be configured in the settings screen:

  • News Source and Category, e.g. Top stories from ABC News.
  • Number of news item to be displayed at a time.
  • Frequency of refresh in minutes. Zero value will disable the automatic refresh. Manual refresh can be performed at any time by clicking on the Refresh link.
 News update from famous source
 News Display

Intuitive News Display

Once configured, news items are display in an intuitive Desktop Post Notes format, sorted by date and time.

Clicking on the topic brings up the full news in your default Internet Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

News Tracking

Click on the Track link beside a news item creates a special news tracker note to tracks similar news.

Keywords are automatically extracted from the target news abstract for tracking purposes.

You can customize the keywords by clicking on the Keyword link in the tracker note.

 News Tracking