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Notes Agent - Desktop Post ASX Notes

 Access Desktop Post It NoteDesktop Notes Agent's ASX Note (Australia Stock Exchange) presents the latest share market update to the user in a desktop post note. It also helps user track specific shares' prices.

Regular Australian Share Market Update

The following can be configured in the settings screen:

  • Whether to show the market watch graph. This graph shows current and historical market index values in a graph format.
  • Whether to show the market index. This is the ASX200 and All Ordinary indexes that summarize the overall market conditions.
  • Specific shares can be tracked by entering their ASX share code. Clicking on the Code link brings up the relevant ASX webpage for code searching.
  • Refresh interval sets the frequency of data refresh in minutes. A value of zero will disable the automatic refresh. Manual refreshes can be done anytime by clicking on the Refresh link on the note.
 regular australian share market update
 Share market display

Comprehensive Share Market Display with Alerts

Once configured, the share market details are displayed in a computer post notes making the important information available to you at a glance.

For each specific share, the current, high, low and opening prices are displayed.

You can also configure alerts (see settings screen above) so that if the current price goes above or below certain values, the display is bolded.